Your Shape is Out There. The B-Files Unveiled!



You have found the most gorgeous bra in the store and you excitedly go to the trial room and put it on. And to your complete horror, it doesn’t fit at all and pokes in multiple ways! What just happened? Well, the perfect bra fit depends on your breast shape and not all breasts are created equal ladies. Take a guess on how many breast shapes are out there? There are more than 15 shapes of breasts among women for more than 100 sizes of bras! Every breast shape has a bra type that fits it well.


Here’s a rundown of some of the most common breast shapes out there:

-Round: You are mostly an even, round shape all around, equally full on top and bottom.

Pointed: Your breasts are conical shaped and protrude pointedly as they slope down towards the middle.

Full on Top: You are more curved on top and become thinner towards the lower part of the breast.

Full on Bottom: Your breasts curve down gently and become fuller as they go down. Think of a ski slope!

East West: Your breasts gravitate towards sides of your torso, pointing outward & facing away from each other. There is space directly down the center of your chest.

Skinny: Your breasts are thin and have more length than width. Usually a small cup size!

A quick note: 90% of women have uneven breasts, where one is larger than the other. If you relate, just remember to cater to the larger chest, while picking a bra size, to avoid spillage from the cups.

The important thing to remember is that there is a bra style to suit most breast shapes. Knowing your correct size goes a long way in finding a great fit. The bra style that suits you also depends on your shape besides your size. Once you find the size and style that suits you best, you are now empowered with knowledge that will come in handy every time! Buttercups has bra styles to suit the most shapes under the Indian sun. Have a look.

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