Your bra is trying to tell you something! Listen!



A band that rides up? Straps that fall over? Tighter band fit? Loose cups? These are all signs that your bra wants to retire! In fact, here are seven pointers that indicate you need a new bra:

1) A good quality bra does not last beyond 100 washes, after which, the elasticity of the materials is lost. If your bra has been through the wringer a hundred times, it’s time to let it go.

2) If you’ve washed your bra in the washing machine, without using a lingerie bag like Wash Me, OR if you’ve wrung your bra each time after washing it, your bra is dead. You have ruined its shape and fit and it can do nothing for you anymore. Throw it away.

3) Take a look at your band. Does it refuse to stay put on the center of your back? If so, (rejoice now!) you may have lost some weight and may need a smaller band! Shopping time, bras essentially included!

4)  If the underwire has started peeking from the sides or centre, it’s desperately trying to get your attention! It wants to be released from service.

5)  If the hooks have come off and you are managing with a safety pin, it’s time to let your bra off the hook and get a new one.

6)  If the strap adjusters have made themselves comfortable above your shoulders, it’s because they have no more elasticity left. Take the weight off its shoulders, and yours!

7) Weight loss or weight gain also contributes to your bra not fitting you well. To check if yours still fits correctly, follow the three-point system here and if it doesn’t, off it goes!

They say all good things come to an end, only to make space for something even better. Like a Buttercups bra! To find the perfect one for you, take our Quiz. And gift yourself happiness.




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