Your bra has its consequences!

Here’s why you need a serious bra makeover:
1) Posture: You could practice balancing a book on your forehead, all day long. But your posture essentially depends on your bra. The wrong bra size could make you slouch, rather than help you stand and sit up tall.

2) Pain: Wearing an ill-fitted bra is a pain! Literally! If you are wearing a band size too loose, you tighten your straps to feel support, so much so that it adds pressure on your shoulders OR you wear a band size so tight, it collects all the strain and sends it back up you neck. Both ways, this causes severe back, neck and shoulder pain.

3) Premature Sagging: Did you know that a loose band or cup size, can cause your breasts to sag prematurely? And that nothing but surgery can bring you back to shape?! So, now you know that the right bra is a key to keep you looking good!

4) Slim look: You don’t need a gym membership to fix your shape. All you need is a bra that supports your bust, and you will look a dress size smaller, always!

At Buttercups, I offer you the chance to find a bra that fits perfectly, so you are well supported, comfortable and confident with your bra, always.

All it will take is for you to spend 5 mins to take our quiz, and shop for a variety of lovely bras in exquisite colours and styles. If you’re in Bangalore, you can also visit the Buttercups Fitting Room for extra guidance on how to wear your bra, what to check for to find your right fit and how to care of your inner-wear.

Now, don’t just face the consequences. Banish them for good!


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