Your bra CAN be your best friend! Here’s how.

PrintHere are a few tips to make your bra experience better. Below are very common, bra related questions that I am often asked, and the answers below will change your relationship with your bra from it being your worst nightmare, to becoming your bosom buddy (pun intended!).

My bra’s back clasp is always hovering 2 inches above the rest of it. What gives?

Your bra brand is too big or the bands elastic is worn out from overuse. Try a smaller band size. the perfect band should not ride up and feel snug on your back.

I have breast tissue spilling over the top of the cups. What do I do?

You are wearing a cup size that’s too small for you. While we do get a false “feel good” from buying a smaller size (we can’t be THAT big a cup size!), wearing the right cup size (no matter if it’s even E,F or G), makes you look slimmer and drop a dress size, as opposed to wearing a smaller cup size, which makes you look bulkier. So find a cup size not based on how big it is, but by checking if it’s giving you all the coverage you need.

The style of the bra you are wearing can cause spillage too. Choose styles that suit your form. For eg: a demi or half cup bra gives less coverage than a full cup, so it is not a style I advice for more rounded shapes or larger cup sizes.

My straps dig painfully into my shoulders and leave red marks. Help!

Your bra straps should be tight enough to give you support, yet loose enough for one finger to slide through them easily.  And if you feel there is not enough support with your straps this comfortable, look for a smaller band size. You may be wearing a band too loose and thus expecting your straps to bear all the weight, which is not their job. And truly, tightening the straps doesn’t uplift your bust! So please do a band check.

The bra aisle either has crazy animal prints or white and black. What colors should I sensibly invest in?

While black and white have been traditional choices, I’d say nudes are always the best bet as they blend with outfits in most colors and are a great pick for workwear. Obviously, colours are also good to have in your wardrobe, but trying picking colours like grey, brown, deep red, deep blue etc. as these tend to not show up under light coloured clothes.

 The area under the bottom of my breasts is often red and marked by angry looking lines. How come?

If your bra band is too tight or you have not adjusted yourself into your bra, your bra band may be resting against the under breast tissue instead of your ribcage, causing the bruising. Another reason may be that your breasts are falling out from under your bra, because you may be wearing a loose bra, making the underwire rest against your breast tissue. Check for the above issues and find the right band and don’t forget to adjust your self into your bra every time you put it on.

Go ahead, make your bra your best friend. I promise you, it will become an “uplifting” experience!


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