Your biggest supporter!



Heavier on the top? Tired of cribbing about lack of well fitting bras for bustier women? It is frustrating isn’t it? Here are a few tips that will truly make your bra your biggest “supporter.”

  1. Wear the Right Bra size: We all like to believe that we are smaller and try to squeeze ourselves into cups that only make our breasts overflow, make us feel uncomfortable and look bad! I went from believing I was a C to an E and never felt better! Yes, no matter how large the size, if it gives you comfort and makes you feel good, how does it matter what the no. or alphabet is?
  2. Full cups: Try to buy bras that have a full cup style. Our ample bosom needs all the coverage and support it can get.
  3. Underwires: Yes! Underwires are a must for us busty ones. Our breasts need the extra support the wire provides and the uplift that comes with underwires. To check for high quality underwires, try gently bending the wire. If it feels “moldable”, then the wire is a good one.
  4. No Minimisers: Minimisers are the worst! Not only are they uncomfortable, they make your chest look squished together, giving you an awful silhouette! You have been blessed with more than ample breasts, flaunt them. In fact, wearing the right bra size makes you drop a dress size and look slimmer, so why get into minimisers that make you look squishy?
  5. T-shirt/Strapless styles: It’s tough to find T-shirt or Strapless styles for us busty women and that is the sad truth. I overcame this by continuing to wear my favourite soft cup, full styles bras with “petals”, so I had the comfort of a great fit and the ease of the No nipple show.

I also look for soft cup bras with flat lace or smooth fabric, for that even look under soft fabrics. Strapless bras are a toughie! I really like the stick-on strapless, which come up to F cups, though most women prefer the ones with a back band, which are tough to find.

Now go on and get those full cup bras in the right size, so you can feel good about being busty and be confident of your body.


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