Why us? Here you go. A list of reasons to answer the burning question.

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It was lot of suffering to find good bras, in my size, that I launched on the journey of Buttercups. Everyday of this journey, which started over 6 years ago, has been about bringing better bras to women in India. But, better is a relative term. So let me explain what I mean by “Better” in detail.

I have fit over 3000 women in India for bras and this has given me great insights on what lacks in the existing brand products. I will break these down to 4 key factors:

Size range:

Most brands in India carry not more than 15 sizes. And trust me, my biggest learning from this was that most Indian women, do not typically fit into the sizes offered. I suffered through that all my life too, till I had a bra fitting and realised my size, which while unheard of in India, was a common size in Europe & USA.

Thus, at Buttercups, I offer a bra size range from 28-42 in band, and A-G in cup, meaning we do carry a 30E and a 40D!! And I still find this is not enough, so we are working towards adding 44 in band size and H cups for all bands as well. Take our quiz to find your perfect fit. 


Most bra styles in India follow outdated styling, which may have been relevant ages ago, but is redundant now, as our wardrobe choices have changed. Also, most brands follow either American or Asian styling, which doesn’t quite suit us because our body types are vastly different from theirs. But, during my experience of fitting more than 3000 women, I realised that certain European styles do suit our body type. Thus, I style all Buttercups Bras keeping in mind our unique Indian body type and breast shapes, making sure that each style and fit give you utmost comfort.


A lot has evolved in the fabrics & materials that are now used internationally for lingerie and I found that most Indian brands have not evolved with the times to use these new fabrics & materials, that make bras uber comfortable. A lot of my research goes into finding the highest quality of materials and fabrics that, while giving support, do not become too heavy for our hot, Indian weather. keeping this in mind one of the examples I’d like to portray is the power mesh we use for side support. It’s not only super strong ,but also lightweight, ensuring that it doesn’t make you hot. Another example is the underwires we use, which we ensure are moldable and not hard plastic, giving  you support, but don’t hurt.

I take utmost care to use the best and the most up to date materials and fabrics, while keeping in mind  that the bras aren’t too expensive, since I believe EVERY woman deserves a good bra.


While all of us are aware of the vast range of skin tones in India, it is sad but true that most brands compromise on going the “fashion colour” way. I, with all my research, have figured out a colour palette of beautiful shades, that not only compliment our gorgeous skin tones, but are also neutral to wear under light colours. And I ensure we ALWAYS launch collections in more than 2 colours, so as to give most of our varied skin tones a decent choice.

There you go. A long list of practical reasons as to why Buttercups bras are made JUST FOR YOU.

And my personal reason: I want you to be comfortable Being YOU.

My endeavour is to make all of you feel good about yourself, just the way you are, and give you products, no matter how unique your size or shape, that will make you feel like it was made JUST for you.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” ― Oscar Wilde

– Arpita

Don’t forget to take our quiz! We guarantee you’ll find your perfect fit.


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