Why is my bra so uncomfortable?

blogillustration_uncomfortablebrasfinalTired of adjusting your straps, tugging at your back band or making sure your straps aren’t peeking out? Well, it’s about time you knew the reasons behind the discomfort and the steps that can be taken to put an end to these problems. Here are 6 easy solutions to those annoying problems:

1. Underwire your enemy? Not if it is good quality underwire. Make sure you test out the underwire before buy a bra by slightly bending  it to make sure it isn’t very hard and can mould to take shape of your breasts.

2. Spilling out of your cups? Try a bigger cup size. Don’t worry about the alphabet being higher, a good fitting cup, can make you look thinner, and a smaller cup makes you look fatter.

3. Tired of the back bulge? Working out harder is one solution, but an easier one is to try a bigger band size. A band size that’s too small is a common cause for the bulge syndrome. Go up a band size and you’ll see the difference.

4. Pulling down your bra back constantly? Get a smaller band size. A perfect band should rest comfortably in the middle of your back, and not ride up.


5. Wondering why your straps always leave you branded with those ugly red marks? If your straps are digging in you clearly need to adjust your strap. Loosen the strap to ensure you have them at a place where one finger can slip through easily to get the perfect strap tightness. Also, tighten your bra straps very 10 wears to make sure they are just right.

6. Does your bra bruise you? If the gore digs into your chest, causing red marks, get a bigger cup size. A tight gore exerts extra pressure on your rib rage, and causes respiratory problems.


The first step to making peace with your bra is to get a fitting done. This will not only eliminate many/all of your problems but also help you understand your bra better. For those of you who can’t get a bra fitting done, please take our quiz (which is just as effective as a fitting) to find your perfect bra size. We promise the perfect bra size will be a life changing experience for you 🙂


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