Why is a Buttercups Bra Rs 1795, you ask?


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Let’s see! What does your current bra do for you, or rather, to you? Either the straps dig in or fall off your shoulders, or the band rides up, or there’s spillage from the cups, or the underwire digs in. That’s a lot of pain for the small amount you paid for it!

For starters, a Buttercups bra promises not to do any of this, because it has been designed after extensive research on Indian figures to make sure it suits Indian forms, and fits perfectly. The colours too are carefully selected to complement the unique Indian skin tone. From the lace and fabric, to the underwire and accessories, it has been crafted with quality materials sourced from across the world, to ensure every little piece of it provides ultimate comfort.

So, why Rs.1795? Because “There’s no price too high for happiness and freedom”. So maybe, it’s time to change not only your bra, but also the amount you spend on it! After all, anything that brings you day long comfort from the constant fidgeting, is worth every penny.

And if that’s not reason enough, here’s one that’s sure to make you invest in a Buttercups bra.

So go right ahead, take the quiz, and discover comfort like never before at Rs. 1795/-. And if you are not satisfied, I promise to give your money back.

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