Why a perfect fit is a perfect fit?

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What goes behind a perfect fit, is a lot of love, care and science.  Yes, Science! Each bra has 14 parts that need to come together perfectly, for it to be a perfect fit. And, the care that goes behind ensuring that these parts come together just right, is what makes a bra fit perfectly.

At Buttercups, each of our bras are designed and developed specific to each size, keeping in mind minute details to ensure that each style in each size makes for a perfect fit.

But, perfection is not easy to come by. On average it takes a good 3 months of time and effort, before we finalize any styles and sizes, correcting samples to the minutest details, before we launch a bra style or a bra size even.

That is also the reason behind our restricted variety and slow addition of sizes, because while we would love to give you a large range of choices, we don’t want to compromise on the fit, which as mentioned takes time.

So next time you find that perfect fit, know that a lot of love, care, time effort and science has been put in it, and treasure your bra with the same love and care.


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