What type of bra is best for support? All about underwire bras and why you need ’em in your life!

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What type of bra is best for support?
Why not underwire? Yes, we’ve all heard the baseless myths about underwire causing cancer and what not. But let’s focus on the most important word in the previous sentence – MYTHS. Yup, they’re just myths and are as redundant as they come.

Moving on, let’s understand why underwired bras are made in the first place and why they are so popular. It’s really quite simple you know – shape and support – the 2 essential elements of a great fitting bra.

  1. Give Shape: Fabric can only mould itself to our existing shape. To get that nice, rounded and uplifted shape, an underwire is your best bet. It also gives the separation to the breasts, making them look more shaped.
  2. Give support: Sometimes fabric does not have enough strength to give our breasts the much needed support, which is where the underwires take prominence and help with the same.

With that out of the way, we’re sure as hell hoping you ladies are done forming an alliance against our underwired heroes and will soon keep them close to your heart 😉 (Get it?)

A word of caution though – please do not wear an underwire bra while sleeping or exercising. This could cause redness and inflammation due to the friction created while exercising and discomfort while sleeping, as would any hard thing in and around you during your sleep.

Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s get ourselves some bosom buddies 😀


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