We’ve redefined bra sizing – introducing to you, the brand new Buttercups 5D fit


We’ve redefined bra sizing.

Say hello to the brand new 5D fit. Our Sizing has now changed from 2 points to 5.

What exactly is the new Buttercups 5D fit?Well, on studying the art and science of bra sizing for years, we decided it’s time for our sizing to reflect all the 5 dimensions that are considered while sizing you up.

Let’s start off by telling you what the 5 dimensions are, shall we?

*1 Band Size

*2 Cup size

*3 Shape of your breasts

*4 Position of your breasts

*5 Gap between your breasts

And why do we need to consider these 5 dimensions to get a perfect fit?

Let’s start with the first and most well known dimensions : cup size and band size. Let’s go back to basics for a second and explain what these 2 dimensions are. The band size refers to the circumference under the bust, while the cup size is the measurement of the fullest part of your chest. The difference between the measurements of your band size and your bust size gives you the alphabet which defines the volume of your breasts.

But, restricting the bra size to merely 2 variables for something as complex as our breasts will most definitely not result in a perfect fitting bra. While band and cup size are what we need to start with, they’re certainly not what bra sizing needs to end with. Let’s face it, there is absolutely no standard when it comes to breasts. Our own 2 breasts are not of the same size or shape, so how can 2 women’s breasts be the same and be confined to merely 2 dimensions. Common sense prevails 😉 While customising bras to every single woman out there isn’t the most practical, the least we can do is take into account the basics.

Band and cup sizes can be the same for women of different shapes. For eg: 3 women with a band size of 34 and an D cup won’t fit into this size the same way. A woman’s breasts shape can be full, archetype or concave. Not taking this very important variable into account, is sure to give you a less than perfect fitting bra.

And, we’re not done explaining yet. 🙂

We’ve got a couple more posts coming up soon telling you more about the rest of the dimensions we are taking into account to ensure you get the perfect fitting bras you deserve!

Watch this space for the next post 🙂 Until then, Cheers to 5D!



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