Wearing a well fitting bra has medical benefits too!



Wearing the right bra has more benefits than just making you drop a dress size and feel good about yourself.

Suffer from severe back aches every evening and don’t know why? Wearing a wrong bra can be the reason. A bra that’s too loose can shift the weight of your chest onto your back while a bra that’s too tight, creates tension in the back, which could be causing the daily back ache. Check to see if you are wearing the right bra here

Shoulder pain and tension in the neck? A wrong bra could be culprit. You maybe be tightening the straps of a bra that’s too loose a bit too much, causing all the weight of your chest to be “shouldered”, causing tension in the neck and also, the shoulder pain.

Slouchy posture? Again, the wrong bra. A bra that doesn’t give you enough support, makes you lean forward, making you slouch, which will in turn cause lower back pain. The right bra makes you stand tall and gives you support, so the lower back is not pressured.

There you go. More reasons than just fun to revamp your bra wardrobe. Take our quiz or book a fitting and get yourself the right bra size now.


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