Underwired Bras: Yay or Nay?


Every woman, at some point in her life or perhaps daily, has wondered while wearing an underwired bra, is this really necessary? We can confidently say, yes it is! Underwired bras are definitely better for support and overall control over your chest than soft cup bras are.

I hear endless complaints about how an underwired bra feel like B-prison. Well, they don’t have to! The first thing you need to do is find your correct size. Wearing the right sized underwired bra will make all the difference in how you feel in it during the day. A major point to keep in mind is the quality of underwire of the bra. When picking an underwired bra style, try to twist and turn  the wire gently. If it moulds easily without a lot of strength, you’ve got a winner! If it’s hard and does not, put it aside. At Buttercups, I ensure we use the most flexible yet strong wires, to ensure comfort and great support.

The reason I swear by underwired bras is that underwires ensure that the bridge, (which is the centre of the bra where the cups join), sits flat against your chest, thus holding the band firm ensuring that your bra supports your breasts, instead of it rising up every time you lift or move your arms. In soft-cup, wire-free bras, your weight is supported by the straps or the fabric as the bridge is likely to pull away from your chest, which not only gives an uneven shape, but also makes the bra rise up with any little movement. Women who are full figured or above size B will also see their breasts pushed together in a non wire bra giving the cleavage an uneven, flat look. You don’t want that, trust us!
Another really important factor to consider is that for cup sizes over B, the underwire offers indispensable support and lift that wire-free bras just cannot match and in the long term, the risk of sagging is higher in a wire-free style compared to an underwired one.

PRO-TIP: Experiment with different styles of underwired bas such as demi, balconette or full cover depending on your shape. Underwired comfort is out there!

Now shop for underwired bras, without worrying about any discomfort and feel “uplifted”!


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