Underwire bras – Say yes! They do wonders :)

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Before we go further and give you 2 very good reasons to wear underwire bras, let’s clear the air on “underwires cause cancer”. THEY DON’T! This myth sprung up in the early 1990s, without any medical evidence of the same and still continues to plague the poor underwire. So, no, underwires do not cause cancer.

Now for the 2 great things underwires actually do for you:

  1. Give support: Sometimes fabric does not have enough strength to give our breasts the much needed support, which is where the underwires take prominence and help with the same.
  2. Give Shape: Fabric can only mould itself to our existing shape. To get that nice, rounded and uplifted shape, an underwire is your best bet. It also gives the separation to the breasts, making them look more shaped.

I hope you will now not hold anything against underwire bras, they are great for you.

A little cautionary note: Do not wear underwire bras while exercising or sleeping. This could cause redness and inflammation due to the friction created while exercising and discomfort while sleeping, as would any hard thing in and around you during your sleep.

Go ahead, buy the underwired hero now!



2 thoughts on “Underwire bras – Say yes! They do wonders :)

    1. Make sure you get a good sports bra without underwire, which gives you sufficient support. Underwired bras for any form of exercise is not recommended.

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