Top 5 lingerie questions answered by the expert.



1. What must I look for in a well fitting bra? The most important question of them all – Make sure band is parallel to your back, straps should sit comfortably on your shoulders without digging in or falling off, the cups should perfectly envelope your breasts – no extra space and no spillage and finally, the gore should sit perfectly flat against your rib cage.2. What colour bras are best for light coloured clothes? My advice to every woman is to have a few neutral coloured bras (beige, brown, skin, grey, lilac, etc) that are perfect for lighter clothes or clothes made of thin fabric. Another tip that very few women are aware of is the “invisibility” features of dark coloured bras. A navy blue, chocolate brown or a maroon coloured bra, also work very well under light coloured clothes. And, I hope all of you are aware of the “No white under white” rule, unless you want to show off your bra. :).

3. What are the different styles of bras and what are they meant to be worn under? This is of utmost importance to us all. There are a number of different styles that are available and I urge each of you to have a look and make sure you own the different styles based on the type of outfits you wear. I’ve got a great post dedicated just for this, that will make life a lot simpler for you ;). Click here to know more.  

4. How often do I need to go lingerie shopping? A good quality bra should last up to a 100 wears, which depending on your usage of the bra, would be anywhere between 3-6 months. Now you have a fair idea as to how often you need to update your lingerie drawer. Some of the basic signs you can look for are: Elasticity of the straps and band is worn out, cups have lost shape, if you have lost or gained a considerable amount of weight or if your breasts are drooping.

5. Why do I need an underwire bra? The underwire in your bra gives you the much needed additional support that fabric may not be able to give. In addition to support, underwire bras are great for providing shape to your breasts, giving them a nice, rounded and uplifted look.



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