‘Tis the season to love yourself!



As we celebrate the season (oh all right, month!) of love, it also makes me reflect on how much we focus on loving others and how little we focus on loving ourselves.

As a true Ayn Rand follower, I learned a few years ago that Selfishness is a virtue and that if we can’t love ourselves, then we are incapable of truly loving others.

So this Valentine’s, start with loving yourself and your body first. None of us are perfect, but at Buttercups, I try to make you most comfortable with your imperfect beauty, which is the core of our Buttercups philosophy. It started with when I wore the perfect fit and size of bra and went from hating my body until then, to falling in love with it and having respect for how I looked. At Buttercups, with our offering of 41 sizes, this is what I have set out to do, help women find their right size and transform their own lives, like mine was transformed.

This Valentine’s, do something different – Fall in love with yourself. Come discover how easy it is to fall in love with your body, by just wearing the right bra size. And not only that, pick the lingerie that suits your personality the best. From the sophistication of the Vine red Nell to the wild abandon of the Citrus divine, or the dreamy hue of the Lilac Celest to the bold brown of the Ebony Flexi, we have something that would suit whoever you are..

Pick your Valentine lingerie more for you than for someone else,  just like love yourself before you set out to love another.
Happy loving.



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