This Women’s Day, bring out the super woman in you!

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Waking up every morning and trying to decide your outfit for the day can sure be difficult. Perfect fitting lingerie not only makes this an easier task but also gives you a boost of confidence that’ll help you conquer your day with ease!

  1. Always make sure you have a perfect fitting bra that gives your outfit a smooth, well-defined look. From giving you a shapely silhouette to helping you drop a dress size, a perfect fitting bra truly is a miracle worker.
  2. Slippery straps, necklines that threaten to show more than what’s required, or the good old gaps between your shirt buttons – something we’re sure you’d be happy to get rid of! Well, Sticky our double-sided fabric tape promises to banish these peekaboo monsters for good.
  3. Perfect for those tight fitting trousers, form fitting dresses or skirts, seamless bottoms avoid the much dreaded visible panty line. About time you bid farewell to underwear faux pas, ladies.
  4. Be it a formal dinner or a night out with friends, looking like a million bucks and feeling good is important. Shapewear can come to your rescue by smoothing out any bulges, and give your body an amazing shape.
  5. NEVER make the mistake of wearing white under white – be it bras or bottoms – Make sure you have some nude or dark coloured lingerie for your light coloured outfits.

Well, there you go! Now that you know the importance of it, time to get yourself some perfect fitting lingerie that’ll unleash the super woman in you.


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