Thinner & softer, makes Nylon the best bet for your underwear.



While most of us are under the impression that cotton comes out as a clear winner while talking about underwear, let me point out a few reasons as to why Nylon might just be a better option. Here are the top 3:

1. To start off with, Nylon bottoms are not only thinner than cotton which automatically makes them a lot more comfortable. Softness of fabric is an absolute must when choosing underwear and without a doubt, Nylon is softer than cotton – precisely why Nylon underwear feels like second skin.

2. Another great advantage of Nylon underwear is that it wicks away the sweat from your body, keeping you cool and dry be it on a hot summer day or while you’re enjoying your pilates or yoga session. Why not cotton you ask? Here’s why – cotton panties absorb sweat and in addition to adding to your discomfort, can also cause infections if worn for long. That said, always make sure the gusset of your panties are made of cotton to maintain hygiene.

3. Also, here’s a quick underwear fact – Seamless underwear can be made ONLY with Nylon and never with cotton. And, ladies seamless underwear are a god send to all of us. About time we all bid farewell to those nasty old panty lines and those itchy red marks that are a result of the tight elastic bands.

Safe to say, Nylon comes out a clear winner in this round 🙂


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