“There is no wrong way to have a body”

Why we dont use models.

Ever seen a dress on a mannequin and thought, “wow, that’s a lovely dress, but it would never look good on me” Well we all have those moments, thanks to social conditioning, where we are made to think that unless we have hourglass figures, we are not perfect. We are real women, with real bodies.

“There is no wrong way to have a body” – Glenn Marla. At Buttercups, we strongly believe in breaking the “perfect body stereotype” and encourage women to accept themselves, just as they are. The ethos of Buttercups has always been B YOU – be comfortable just as you are. Thus, we took a stand when we started out, that our bras would never be displayed on models, lest any woman ever thought “I can’t look as good as this model looks, in that bra”, because we make beautiful bras for real woman, in real sizes, not just the “fashionable” ones.

We never want you to think that anything that we make is “not for you”. Sure, there are certain styles that suit certain types of shapes and sizes, and we ensure we show you only the ones that would suit your shape and size {provided you have taken the quiz 😉 }, but to put all the styles we have on a model, who neither you nor us, are never going to associate with in body type, means that we encourage the same old “perfect body” tradition that most fashion brands have always followed and I am trying very hard to break away from that.

And this is why, we don’t use models for display, never have, never will.


2 thoughts on ““There is no wrong way to have a body”

  1. The fact that i am reading old blog posts shows how much i have come to love your brand ever since i made my first purchase. I am in love with the Divine bras and they indeed feel divine. Ordered one and the moment i tried the first one on, i went ahead and orderd the same variant in two different colours, thats how good they are. Perfect fit and material that too after taking an online fit assessment, gotta say you guys have your shit figured out completely ! Waiting for new options to be available. how do i post a testimonial on your site though ?

    1. Thank you Indira. Really appreciate it 🙂 So glad you had a great Buttercups experience. And, you’ll definitely be amongst the fist to know when we announce our new collection. Regarding testimonials, we’d love for you write one for us – please click on http://bit.ly/2k2fwxs to review us on our website! Have an amazing day!

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