The what, why and how of the 5D fit – Part 2


As promised, let’s continue where we left off. To recap, in our previous post we spoke of the launch of our brand new 5D. The Buttercups 5D fit  takes into account the 5 dimensions that are otherwise not considered while trying to find you a perfect fitting bra.

While we’ve already spoken of the first 2 i.e. band and cup size, we now want to take you through the next 2 – shape and position of your breasts.

Shape of your breasts : You obviously knew that different women have differently shaped breasts. Right? Then why isn’t is as obvious for us to consider the shape while trying to find your perfect bra size? Yes, the more we thought about this, the more convinced we were about taking into account the breast shape while sizing you up.

Are your breasts more rounded and full or archetype or concave? Never really thought about it, did you? That’s alright, we did the thinking for you to make sure that you never have to wear an ill fitting bra ever again. If 2 women share the same band and cup size but have different breast shapes, we guarantee you that the bra they’ve chosen, will not fit the same. It’s just common sense ain’t it?

The same goes for how your breasts are positioned -some of us have perky aka self supported breasts, some have descending breasts while some may have settled breasts (to understand this better, we suggest you take try our size finder). The way your breasts are positioned also determines the styles that suit you best apart from the obvious indication of size. While someone with self supported breasts may do well with a t-shirt bra, a woman with descending breasts will need a bra with seams, that supports and uplifts her breasts for better shape, form and posture.

Quite a few interesting facts unearthed about a (not so) simple bra size, are we right? We’ve got one last post on our 5D size which will explain the last D i.e. Gap between your breasts aka cleavage. Make sure to read our next post as well to have a clear understanding of what the 5D fit is all about and how this one of a kind sizing can and will change your lives 🙂

We’ll see you here next week 😀


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