The right care for your delicates!

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We often tend to neglect our dearest friends who also happen to be our biggest supporters. Well, you better learn to take care of them the right way if you want them to stay loyal for a long time 😉 We’ve got all the tips and tricks you need, to keep those delicates in pristine condition.

Here, let’s answer the question. Do you hand wash or machine wash?

If you have just a few bras and you tend to wear them regularly, washing them once or twice a week is recommended. If you have more bras in your rotation, you could wash them every other week as you wouldn’t be wearing them as often. When it comes to weather conditions, it’s pretty straightforward ladies – hot and humid simply means wash them daily, while cool and dry lets you use them a couple of times before they’re in need of a wash. As for bottoms, due to basic hygiene purposes, it’s best to wash them on a daily basis.

Next, why do they need to be hand washed?

To maintain the quality of your under garments and to make them last longer, the more delicate the care the better. It’s best to wash your bras by hand. This is especially true when it comes to moulded bras and underwired bras. The wires tend to warp and the cups will lose their shape due to the rigorous cycle of a washer/dryer. Another tip that’ll help increase the life of your under garments is the use of delicate detergent. I use hand wash/body wash which does just as good a job and makes sure they smell lovely too 😉 When it comes to bottoms, they can be machine washed in a delicate cycle and mild detergent,

Still Lazy and want to use the machine?

Then use a wash bag. All you have to do is put your bras inside the wash bag and put in in the machine and gentle wash them.

What’s the fuss about drying them out?

Please DO NOT wring your bras to dry them. This completely ruins the shape of your bras. Either flat dry them on a rack or hang drip dry on a bar, with each cup on either side. Same goes for bottoms. Do NOT wring. Gently squeeze the water out and hang to dry.

There you go, these tips are sure to increase the shelf life of your undergarments. Let us know if you have any more tips that can help take care of our besties 😉



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