The joy of gifting a perfect fit!

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From dropping a dress size to making you stand tall and make your outfits look better – perfect fitting lingerie is a life changer. Our customers would vouch for that! Now, let’s make sure the women in our lives get to experience the same. Best friend, mum, sister, colleague or a special someone – the Buttercups Gift Voucher promises to be a fitting gift 😉

While great lingerie is a perfect gift, shopping for bras and bottoms for someone else might turn out to be a tad bit awkward. And, that’s precisely why the idea and concept of Buttercups Gift Vouchers was born – not to mention it sure does make the daunting task of gift shopping that much more simpler 🙂 Starting at Rs.1000 and going all the way upto Rs.5000, we have 2 variants – B Fabulous and B Romantic – we made sure we covered ‘em all – family, friends and that special person 🙂  So go right ahead and pick up a Buttercups Gift Voucher and help transform someone’s life! You could also drop “subtle” hints to those around you if a life changing lingerie experience is a gift of your choice 😉

Got more questions about how the Gift Voucher works? We’ve got all/most of the answers you’d need right here. And, if those don’t answer your questions, feel free to reach out to us on +91-8067414822 OR +91-8041288622.

Here’s to making the art of gifting exciting again 🙂



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