The Bra Stories – Part 3

In week three of our ongoing Bra Stories series, we check out two very seductive bra styles, the Demi and the Plunge!


Week 4- 02_Lower


Have you got that one gorgeous, low necked blouse, that gives you an alluring look and is just perfect for date night or a sophisticated evening out? Pick up a demi bra to complete your flawless look! A Demi is a low cut bra that only partially covers your chest, with wide set straps to accommodate low and wide necklines, while giving your cleavage a great look. Demi actually means ‘half’ in French so it’s a pretty apt name for the cut and coverage of this bra.

Something to keep in mind when buying a demi bra is that the band supports most of your weight since the cups only offer partial coverage. So make sure you pick up a snug band fit for this bra type!

Demi bras may not always be the best style for women with breast tissue that’s a bit loose on top, as the top of the breasts appear to sag in the cup. Also, if you have narrower shoulders the straps of the demi can fall off as they are often set wider apart.

Demis are usually more lacy and sensual in design and are worn best under a low cut top or a square neckline. They are a great choice for dressy evening or bridal wear!


It’s almost wedding season, ladies! Be it yours or your bestie’s upcoming nuptials, you probably have a series of gorgeous outfits planned, right? Between tailor appointments, don’t forget to pick up the right bra to get the best of out of your party and ethnic wear. A plunge bra is a great choice for daring, extremely low cut suits, blouses and dresses.

As the name suggests, the cups of the plunge are joined very low at the centre gore so that there is a deep V cut to the front of the bra. It is ideal for a complete no show look under deep necked styles. The cups provide minimal coverage so a good rule of thumb when trying out a plunge bra is to lean down in the trial room. If you pop out from the bra, it’s too loose for you and you need to look for the right size.

The plunge can also come in push up and padded styles for an extra dose of oomph if you need it! Pick up a plunge bra so that you can enjoy this wedding season like a true fashionista!

Now look up your bra wardrobe and shop the styles it’s still missing. Happy shopping!


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