The Bra Stories – Part 2

In part two of our ongoing series, we take a closer look at Strapless and Adhesive bras. Yep, this one’s about bras without straps!


Strapless Bras

Sometimes, going bare shouldered, with a spring in your step and a toss of hair over your shoulder is a fabulous feeling. And when you go strapless, you need a supportive strapless bra! Be it sleeveless dresses, tank tops, tube tops, halter tops, sundresses or strapless evening gowns, all of them demand a well fitting strapless bra to look their best. Please don’t wear bras with straps under any of these styles, and especially not those transparent straps!

Newsflash! Women of all sizes can wear a strapless bra. The trick is to make sure you are wearing a strapless bra that fits you properly. Many women fear that a strapless bra will slip down or need to be continuously pulled up, if that does happen, it’s because the band’s too loose. When you try on a strapless bra, make sure that your bra band is as snug as you can comfortably wear it.

A key feature to look for in a strapless bra is the silicon or latex “grip strip” across the top and bottom of the band. This creates a tiny bit of suction that secures the bra band to your body and lets you flaunt your outfit with confidence. A good strapless will let you even dance without fear of a wardrobe malfunction!

A few varieties of strapless bras are:

– Standard Strapless: Comes with removable straps

– Strapless long-line or Bustier bra: This extends to the hips for extra support and gives the effect of a slimmer waist.

– Adhesive Strapless bra: This just sticks to your chest and is great for a completely backless look.

– Bandeau or Tube: A seamless elastic broad band that goes all around for a casual look.

Adhesive Bras

Ever had the urge to buy that super sultry dress with a really low front and a non-existent back (“Oscar dresses”) but not bought it after wondering what kind of bra could possibly fit under it?! Fear not because adhesive bras are a godsend for those dresses and tops. As the name suggests, this bra simply sticks to your ladies while keeping them up and giving you freedom from all straps and bands.

Most adhesive bras have silicon cups which help keep the bra in place, as it is a non-slip, sweat-resistant material. You stay in shape even when dancing or walking around with these. Phew!

Adhesive bras are a perfect solution for skimpy outfits you have always wanted to flaunt without worrying about your bra spoiling the party. Adhesive bras come in use and throw variant and a reusable option, which is fairly expensive, needs to be maintained but can be used upto 30 times. There are also different styles available in adhesive bras. There’s plain adhesive bras, stick on silicon cups, stick on push up cups and U plunge Stick ons.

Mostly available in upto C cups, but at Buttercups, we have designed Magik to go upto E cups.

A quick tidbit: They were first used on the Red Carpet for the Oscars and are still the most preferred option for the occasion by most celebrities!


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