The Bra Stories – Part 1


week 2 bra size_01In this three (yes, three!) part series, we deconstruct the six different types of bras that you probably have in your closet but you might not be wearing them to their full potential. Oh, it can certainly be confusing to pick between bras with names like plunge and balconette and demi but that’s why we are here to help! In this post, we take a deeper look at Full coverage bras and T-shirt bras and the best outfits to wear them with.  


Full coverage bras are, like the name suggests, ideal for women who have a fuller cleavage and are worried about spillage of the breast tissue. Full cup bras have a high cupline, preventing the dreaded “quad boob” and give complete coverage and support. The straps are slightly wider and are positioned more centrally than other bras to give additional support and comfort, while giving the breasts an uplifted shape. The full cup gives all day comfort, enables good bust control giving you a flattering, round shape!

Full coverage bras come in two part, three part and seamless styles as well. They also come in different cup styles, including molded cups, stretch fabric cups and seamed fabric cups.

A full cup bra gives superb support and is ideal for the bigger cup sizes (above C cups). Women who have shallower breasts at the top or more conical should avoid this bra type because they will not fill up the cup completely. Sitting down in office and looking down to see your loose cup straining against your shirt is no woman’s idea of comfort!

Don’t for a minute think that full coverage bras are boring or only available in white, black or nude. Certainly not. Any lingerie brand worth its salt has gorgeous, lacy full cup bras that offer great support too! Just be open to spending a tad extra for those.  The Buttercups Divine is a delectable combination of support and sensuality.

Styling tip: Full coverage bras are best for everyday wear, both Indian and western as they keep you in shape through the day. Seamless full cup bras are also perfect for form fitting outfits. They are best worn with blouses and shirts with a high neckline. Atleast 3-4 of those are recommended in your wardrobe!


T-shirt bras while being one of the most popular type of bras also defy categorization in many ways. They can be full-coverage or demi-cup style; strapless, or strapped, padded or non-padded; molded or non-molded; underwired or soft-cupped; and made from a variety of materials. Phew! The T-shirt bra is so versatile in design because it’s also worn under a variety of garments.

The defining characteristic of most t-shirt bras is seamlessness. While many bras have seams on the cup,
t-shirt bras do not. This helps the bra stay invisible under most fabrics. T-Shirt bras also do not usually have fancy embellishments such as lace and offer decent coverage and a natural shape. Buttercups Flexi is the most comfortable T-shirt bra you will every try.


T-Shirt bras are very versatile. You can not only wear them under fabrics that cling, you can also wear them under starched cottons and even under your heavy sweaters! You will always get an invisible look with
T-shirt bras. Though they are not always the sexiest bras to wear, they are available in fun, zany colors and prints and appeal to most women.

Styling Tip: Obviously, t-shirts! This bra type is good to wear under anything clingy with a modest neckline. Opt for a fresh, colored one for darker fabrics so you can still flirty and fun inside. This is also a good bra type if you are conical in shape as it gives you the needed lift and shape.


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