The Bra Queen’s quick fix to an ill fitting bra!


Yes, we do go on and on about uncomfortable bras and perfect fits, but what if we told you that the way you wear your bra could also be the cause of your discomfort? Sounds crazy, we know, but trust us on this one ladies.This also happens to be the most popular tip from Arpita’s workshop.

Here you go – Your 5 steps to comfort:

  1. Slip your arms through the bra’s straps and bring the bra up so that the band sits just under your bust.
  2. Bend a little at the waist and place your breast in each cup.
  3. Stand back up and clasp the hooks at the back.
  4. Next adjust the straps. The straps should be tight enough to allow only one finger through comfortably.
  5. Now, for the scoop and swoop, the MOST important part of wearing a bra. Pull in all your breast tissue from the sides into the cups. Bend forward slightly and adjust the cups

And you are done. Go ahead, do the happy jig!

PS: We’ve got a a little video that’ll help you get these steps right 🙂


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