The bra mistakes have got to stop!


With more than 85% women wearing the wrong bra size, it’s safe to say that an ill fitting bra is one of the most common problems women face. Surprising as it may sound to many of you, most of the mistakes we make while shopping for a bra go unnoticed until and unless they’re pointed out. And, that’s precisely why we’re dedicating this post to identifying these mistakes and in turn help you put to an end to them.

  1. Your bra size is a combination of your band and cup size. So, do not go by just your cup size. “I’m a D cup” is irrelevant unless your band size is mentioned along with that. That said, different brands have different sizing charts. Your current bra may be a 32D but if you decide to switch brands, don’t be surprised if you get a 34C. Always make sure you get yourself fitted or refer to a sizing chart of the particular brand you are purchasing, to get your band and cup size right before you pick a bra.
  2. Buying a band size that’s too big causes the back band to ride up. If you are constantly pulling down your bra back, that’s a sure sign of you wearing the wrong size bra. The perfect band would sit snug and NOT ride up, and stay put in the center of your back. And since the band is what provides MOST support, make sure you find a snug size!
  3. If your straps are digging in or falling off, you clearly need adjustments to your strap. Loosen/tighten the strap to ensure you have them at a place where one finger can slip through easily to get the perfect strap tightness. Also, tighten your bra straps very 10 wears to make sure they are just right.
  4. I see so many women wearing bras where the top or sides of the breast are bulging out. Please buy a cup size that fully covers your breasts. A “feel good”, smaller cup size is only going to make you look fatter and unfitted. So, when trying bras, first do the Scoop & Swoop and then check for the cup coverage.
  5. And, last but not the least, ALWAYS check if the gore/centre sits flat against your chest. This is the best check to see if a bra fits.

Now that you’ve got the much needed tips to check for a perfect fitting bra, make sure those bra shopping mistakes are a thing of the past and revamp your bra wardrobe now!



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