The best and easiest solutions to your bra problems!

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They’re first thing we put on before heading out and the first thing we take off as soon we get home. We’ve all had our fair share of bra problems that have constantly annoyed us.

Here are some fantastic solutions to those brablems, ladies!

No more stabbing in the heart – A perfect fitting bra should sit flat in the gore. The absence of this causes the underwire to dig into your chest over time. Go up or down a CUP size until the gore is flat against your chest.

Say goodbye to that back bulge – While the back band gives you the much needed support, make sure it doesn’t cause the not so appealing back bulge. While a smooth, stretchy fabric plays a big part in it, the other point to be kept in mind is the size. A band size that’s too small is a common cause for the bulge syndrome. Go up a band size and you’ll see the difference.

Your bra outline shouldn’t be the highlight of your outfit – The t-shirt bra is easily one of the most important bras in your wardrobe – One that gives a smooth finish and perfect invisibility along with a snug fit is an asset to your wardrobe ladies. A well fitting t-shirt bra can be your best bud for a long day out 😉

Stop the struggle when it comes to those gorgeous strapless, backless outfits – You NEED to invest in a great strapless adhesive or pasties that help you forget those pesky straps. Trust me when I say, these are definitely worth having in your wardrobe.

Bra cups showing is a definite faux pas you’d want to avoid – A demi cup is what you need when you’re wearing those lovely numbers with a plunging neckline. Go for a bra that provides just enough coverage and uplifts you at the same time. A demi bra is definitely a must have for all you ladies.

These solutions should have you covered. That said, I’d love to hear any more solutions you may have for our long list of bra problems 🙂



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