Terrified of bra shopping? Don’t be.

That middle aged man sizing you up with his “keen and practised eye” before handing you a bra – been through that trauma, right?

But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, bra fitting sessions when done well are a fun and empowering experience. So here’s a quick look at the usual horror stories and how a proper fitting session have a stark difference.

😱 – Dingy corners at the back of the store where you’re expected to try on a bunch of bras handed over based on just an “expert” glance at your chest in addition to a “No questions please!” attitude.

😍 – Your fit specialist will explain the fitting process in the privacy of a fitting room. Your fit specialist will then take your measurements with your bra on.

😱 – One style suits all. If the sales man/woman (if you’re lucky) gives you a bra to try on then the decision has been made – no questions asked. That style and size is what you’ll choose ma’am.

😍 – Reality – Once your measurements are taken, you will then be recommended a few styles that will suit you best. Feel free to ask for any styles that you’d like to try on and choose what you feel most comfortable in.

😱 – Comfortable? Umm bras aren’t meant to be comfortable. If the size just about fits then it should be good to go. Straps, band, gore, cups – too many details to pay attention to. Just get this billed already.

😍 – On trying on your bra, the fit specialist should be there to make sure your bra feels comfortable and supportive, and will ensure that the cups, band and straps fit properly.

To make sure of the fit and how it appears under clothing, try slipping on your dress/shirt over your bra.  

Now that you know what an amazing experience it is, walk into our Fitting Rooms at Indiranagar and Whitefield and see if we live upto your expectations.


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