Show your curves some love on this special  day!


As the saying goes, “Loving yourself is the greatest revolution.” And we couldn’t possibly stress on this enough, especially on this glorious day of love. Show yourselves some love, ladies!

While the world is going on and on about what you need to do for your significant other, we think this day can also be spent pampering yourselves to a perfect fit 🙂 Safe to say, we think we’ve got your perfect match waiting for you 😉 This Valentine’s, do something different – fall in love with yourself. Come discover how easy it is to fall in love with your body, by just wearing the right bra. (more…)

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Braducation 101! Right bra for a light coloured sari blouse!


It’s time to wear that beautiful cream blouse that has been tailored to perfection. But wait, what bra do you wear under these light coloured or thin fabric blouses? We sure as hell don’t want our bras to steal the thunder do we? And since I know how much of an uphill task it is to find a suitable bra for these lovelies, here are some suggestions and solutions to address the problems.

Let’s start off with the basics – make sure your lingerie drawer has a few bras in nude shades as they work the best under light colours. Got a fancy showstopper of a blouse with a plunging back, or noodle straps or strapless? Go for a stick on bra which is the best solution. While I do emphasize the importance of nude shades, dark blues and maroon or brown also work great under light coloured blouses. For those of you who wear saris on a regular basis, I’d suggest a molded, lightly lined bra that not only give you great support but also give you a great shape and silhouette. And, if you have some lovely lacy numbers in your drawer and are wondering if these are a no no for your blouses – you’re wrong about that! You can most definitely use these with your blouses. That said, my suggestion is to wear nipple covers/pasties under these bras to prevent nipple show.

That’s about it! Try these tips out and dig out those long lost blouses because it’s time you can wear them again and show off your love for the lighter shades 🙂


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Don’t spill over ladies! Here are some tips for all the busty women out there.

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Being a busty woman myself,  I completely get the pains of having a large chest. Especially when it comes to finding bras. It took me till I was 33, to find a great fitting bra, which finally made me comfortable with the size of my breasts and made me confident of my own body. Here are a few things to look for when trying to find a bra for us “busty” women. (more…)

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Lingerie trends this summer.


The heat is on… literally, and while the choices in clothing become minimalistic, here are a few lingerie trends that will keep you cool this summer, inside out.

  1. Colours: Because whites and pastels become our favourite clothing colours, it’s the best time to show off those lovely bright bras in shocking pinks, bright citrus (take a look at the Citrus from Buttercups), mint green, electric blue etc.under these light colours, making these bright bras look oh so delicate and perfectly subtle, for these hot summer days.
  2. Mesh and lace: These are the coolest to wear in the heat, being breathable and easy on the skin. Match your lacy nos, with subtle hints showing, to sizzle this summer. Try the Divine or Nora from Buttercups, for an all cool summer.
  3. Balconettes: When all those low and deep neck outfits are out (it is summer after all!), the balconette is your best bet under them. Low cut, to give you the comfort of going as low on the cleavage as you want, while still being hidden, the balconette adds the much needed cool this summer. Try Thea from Buttercups.
  4. Bandeau bras: Go strapless and off shoulder without worrying out straps or digging plastic ones. The bandeau is a MUST have for the summers to carry off those cool gypsy dresses and tops.
  5. High-cut Panties: Just like the swimwear, the panties are going high-cut this summer, to give you that extra cool feel. Try the seamless, high cut Slim from Buttercups, to stay and feel cool all summer.

Go ahead, enjoy this summer with these “cool” trends… Pun intended.

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Different outfits call for different bras!





Wearing a gorgeous dress with a plunging neckline? We all know there couldn’t be anything worse than your bra showing and ruining the outfit as well as your evening. Ladies, since we understand the importance of underpinnings, we have just what you need. The perfect bra for the perfect outfit. Shop from our collection of bras and make sure there never is a situation where your outfit or evening is ruined 😉

Happy Shopping 🙂

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