Size does matter! Learn how to measure yourself the right way.

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I’m sure we all understand the importance of a perfect fitting bra by now. After all, it does have an impact on your posture, the way your clothes fit, and of course your confidence, amongst other things. That said, does everyone understand the importance of knowing how to measure yourself, to ensure you wear the right size bra? With multiple lingerie brands having their unique size charts, knowing how to measure your bra size is of utmost importance. And the best part is, it’s an extremely simple and easy process that requires nothing more than a mirror, your best fitting bra and a measuring tape. (more…)


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Find your soulmate – She (yes she!) is Dark, Rich & Bold.



Hi there. This week, we take a break from regularly scheduled programming to bring you our best news this year, yet! The launch of our gorgeous new vintage collection. Meet Nell, Ada, Thea and Nora. Your new lingerie besties, who are going to make you feel truly special, every time you slip them on.

This new range is inspired by well, old fashioned vibes, where dark rich colors marked by bold lace dominate the mood. In a nutshell, we’ve gone vintage chic!

Let us introduce you to our new ladies: (more…)


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Underwired Bras: Yay or Nay?


Every woman, at some point in her life or perhaps daily, has wondered while wearing an underwired bra, is this really necessary? We can confidently say, yes it is! Underwired bras are definitely better for support and overall control over your chest than soft cup bras are.

I hear endless complaints about how an underwired bra feel like B-prison. Well, they don’t have to! The first thing you need to do is find your correct size. Wearing the right sized underwired bra will make all the difference in how you feel in it during the day. A major point to keep in mind is the quality of underwire of the bra. When picking an underwired bra style, try to twist and turn  the wire gently. If it moulds easily without a lot of strength, you’ve got a winner! If it’s hard and does not, put it aside. At Buttercups, I ensure we use the most flexible yet strong wires, to ensure comfort and great support. (more…)


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The Bra Stories – Part 3

In week three of our ongoing Bra Stories series, we check out two very seductive bra styles, the Demi and the Plunge!


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Have you got that one gorgeous, low necked blouse, that gives you an alluring look and is just perfect for date night or a sophisticated evening out? Pick up a demi bra to complete your flawless look! A Demi is a low cut bra that only partially covers your chest, with wide set straps to accommodate low and wide necklines, while giving your cleavage a great look. Demi actually means ‘half’ in French so it’s a pretty apt name for the cut and coverage of this bra. (more…)


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The Bra Stories – Part 2

In part two of our ongoing series, we take a closer look at Strapless and Adhesive bras. Yep, this one’s about bras without straps!


Strapless Bras

Sometimes, going bare shouldered, with a spring in your step and a toss of hair over your shoulder is a fabulous feeling. And when you go strapless, you need a supportive strapless bra! Be it sleeveless dresses, tank tops, tube tops, halter tops, sundresses or strapless evening gowns, all of them demand a well fitting strapless bra to look their best. Please don’t wear bras with straps under any of these styles, and especially not those transparent straps! (more…)


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Your bra is trying to tell you something! Listen!



A band that rides up? Straps that fall over? Tighter band fit? Loose cups? These are all signs that your bra wants to retire! In fact, here are seven pointers that indicate you need a new bra:

1) A good quality bra does not last beyond 100 washes, after which, the elasticity of the materials is lost. If your bra has been through the wringer a hundred times, it’s time to let it go.

2) If you’ve washed your bra in the washing machine, without using a lingerie bag like Wash Me, OR if you’ve wrung your bra each time after washing it, your bra is dead. You have ruined its shape and fit and it can do nothing for you anymore. Throw it away.



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