Don’t spill over ladies! Here are some tips for all the busty women out there.

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Being a busty woman myself,  I completely get the pains of having a large chest. Especially when it comes to finding bras. It took me till I was 33, to find a great fitting bra, which finally made me comfortable with the size of my breasts and made me confident of my own body. Here are a few things to look for when trying to find a bra for us “busty” women. (more…)

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Do more with (strap)less. The perfect bra for the wedding season!



There’s really no celebration like an Indian wedding! Let’s take a moment to appreciate the fun and stress of the wedding season. Invitations have arrived in droves, the tailor is on speed dial and late night phone calls with girlfriends to pour over outfit and accessory combinations are in full swing. And if your best friend or that beloved cousin is getting married, I’m sure you are dealing with ethnic dilemmas of the highest order. (more…)

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