Your Shape is Out There. The B-Files Unveiled!



You have found the most gorgeous bra in the store and you excitedly go to the trial room and put it on. And to your complete horror, it doesn’t fit at all and pokes in multiple ways! What just happened? Well, the perfect bra fit depends on your breast shape and not all breasts are created equal ladies. Take a guess on how many breast shapes are out there? There are more than 15 shapes of breasts among women for more than 100 sizes of bras! Every breast shape has a bra type that fits it well. (more…)

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Your bra is trying to tell you something! Listen!



A band that rides up? Straps that fall over? Tighter band fit? Loose cups? These are all signs that your bra wants to retire! In fact, here are seven pointers that indicate you need a new bra:

1) A good quality bra does not last beyond 100 washes, after which, the elasticity of the materials is lost. If your bra has been through the wringer a hundred times, it’s time to let it go.

2) If you’ve washed your bra in the washing machine, without using a lingerie bag like Wash Me, OR if you’ve wrung your bra each time after washing it, your bra is dead. You have ruined its shape and fit and it can do nothing for you anymore. Throw it away.


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Your bra has its consequences!

Here’s why you need a serious bra makeover:
1) Posture: You could practice balancing a book on your forehead, all day long. But your posture essentially depends on your bra. The wrong bra size could make you slouch, rather than help you stand and sit up tall.

2) Pain: Wearing an ill-fitted bra is a pain! Literally! If you are wearing a band size too loose, you tighten your straps to feel support, so much so that it adds pressure on your shoulders OR you wear a band size so tight, it collects all the strain and sends it back up you neck. Both ways, this causes severe back, neck and shoulder pain. (more…)

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