Formidable heroines and their bras!


Who doesn’t love a strong, suave super heroine who is deft with a weapon of choice and equally charming in a pair of stilettoes! But you know what I’m most intrigued about? Their choice of bras. That’s right, what would some of the hottest, most gorgeous and devil may care female fictional characters wear under all that leather and latex? I’m going to take a guess!


Let’s start with our good old favourite, Wonder Woman! Wondering how this DC Comics super heroine manages to look as amazing as she does, in her one piece American flag inspired bathing suit outfit? I reckon there’s probably only enough space to squeeze in a strapless bra in there. Hey, the fight for justice and gender equality is easier to fight when you got the perfect bra to support you!


Cat Woman! Not so much a super heroine as an anti-heroine and Batman’s enduring love interest, her skin hugging latex cat suit has power and confidence written all over it. No other bra makes sense than a pushup then for this feline form, don’t you think?


Why don’t we consider Ms. Lara Croft next? A beautiful archaeologist slash adventurer, her skinny tank tops, short shorts, plaited hair and the pistol strapped to each thigh only paints one hell of a picture doesn’t it? Don’t mess with me! If I had to pick, a form fitting seamless t-shirt bra would be the under armor of choice for this tomb raider.


And what about the mother of dragons, Khaleesi? If you’ve obsessed over the show like I have, you’ve seen her penchant for off shoulder, flowy gowns often made of sheer fabric. She has to be wearing adhesive bras under those. Even dragon owning heirs need no show support while marching over new lands with an army behind them! Yes, crazy as I may sound Game of Thrones needs its very own throne of perfect bras to make not just the Khaleesi but ALL those stunning women on the show to show off their envious curves.


The Russian born Black Widow, femme fatale and member of The Avengers, so perfectly played by Scarlet Johansson is all about the skin tight, black leather outfit. Only a full coverage bra would support this agent of justice on a typical work day. Agreed?


Thrown into the Hunger Games one morning and then in line to become the symbol of rebellion against an evil dictator? There’s got to be a few hardworking sports bras under that sort of performance pressure, right Katniss?!

There, that’s my pick of tough women and their (probably!) ideal bra choices. Do tell me in the comments who your favourite superheroine is and which bra do you think she sports? This is fun!



2 thoughts on “Formidable heroines and their bras!

  1. Hi I went through the quiz and found that my size is 28G. But I don’t see it in the select size option…, what should I do

    1. Hi Kruti,

      Firstly, we’d like to apologize for the delayed response.

      Thanks for writing in and we apologize for currently not having your size 28G. Developing sizes and styles in bras to ensure perfect fits, is a delicate and tedious task. As you can see, we are one of the few brands that already provides a much larger range in sizes, with style and colour options than most do.

      We are slowly adding more sizes to the range and will have G cups in this year soon.

      We will definitely send you a mail as soon as your size is available. Meanwhile, what you could do is follow the sister size chart that will help in getting you the size closest to yours.

      I hope this helps.

      Buttercups team

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