Sticky is here to save the day! We’ll tell you why.


It’s the little things that matter the most! Well, our tiny hero, the beloved Sticky stands testament to this statement. We sure aren’t exaggerating when we say that Sticky can complete your outfit and make you carry that stunner of an outfit with elan.

A double sided fabric tape that is perfectly safe to use on your skin as well, the Buttercups Sticky is a bestseller for a reason. Used by women for any outfits ranging from a sari blouse, to a button down kurta to a dress with a plunging neckline – Sticky is perfect for ‘em all. A true stickler for perfection, Sticky has taken an oath to save you from any peeking gaps or pesky straps or making sure low necklines are in place. All you’ve got to do is tear as much as needed, paste on your clothing or clean skin, pull off the white cover and stick on to the other side/piece of clothing. And the rest is taken care of by our tiny yet formidable star, Sticky!


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