Standard bra sizing charts, really?



Are you the kind who believes that you can stick to a standard bra size across brands?



Say what?

As much as we’d like for brands to have standard bra sizing charts, that isn’t quite reality yet. Don’t be shocked to find a completely different combination of letters and numbers that claim to be your bra size, after shopping. We’ve just got to learn to be on top of our game when it comes to bra sizes, ladies.

So, how do we help solve the size conundrum at Buttercups?

We make it easier for you through our unique sizing quiz to make sure you get your perfect bra size.



Yea! We’re nice that way.

So, next time you insist on sticking to your “standard” bra size, keep calm and follow these 2 simple steps that’ll make sure you get your exact bra size irrespective of the brand:

  1. Start by taking the measuring tape around your ribcage, directly underneath your breasts. Make sure the tape sits firm against your body, and perpendicular to the ground. Ensure that it doesn’t ride down or up your back.
  2. Next, measure your cups by taking the tape around the fullest part of your bust. Ensure you don’t hold it too tight, just lightly around.

Once you’ve got your measurements, you could just compare the numbers to the sizing charts provided by the different brands and voila you’re done!


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