So Many Bras, so Many Styles. Here’s How to Upgrade Your Bra Game!



Just how many bras are enough bras? Well, similar to our love for shoes, our love for bras doesn’t stop at one or three! There are so many gorgeous beauties out there, who can blame us?! But, here is a rundown of the absolute essential bras that you SHOULD have in your Bra Wardrobe!

Everyday Bras: These should be either soft or moulded, underwired bras as they provide the needed support to you throughout the day. Always wear a new bra to check that it gives you a normal, natural silhouette and doesn’t poke your chest when you sit or stand up. You should have at least three to four well fitting, good quality pieces in your wardrobe for everyday use. Try Buttercups Divine or Form, our answer to the everyday bra.

T-shirt Bras: These seamless, smoothing bras are perfect to wear under clothing that clings, giving you an invisible shape on the outside while allowing you to breathe through the day. As a lot of our clothing is made of fabrics that tend to cling, these bras are ideal for a better shape and give ideal coverage for no show, stress free style. You could wear them as everyday bras as well, if you are looking for a seamless look. You should own at least two to three t-shirt bras in your closet.

Plunge & Demi Bras: These are low cut, medium coverage bras for wearing under a low neckline. All of us own at least a couple of stylish dresses or blouses that show off cleavage! You should own at least one or two of these bras for those dressy days or evenings. A plunge or demi bra gives you the confidence to flaunt that bold dress without the hassle of constantly adjusting yourself.

Push-up Bras: Push-up bras do pretty much what the name suggests. They temporarily add a size to your cleavage for a dose of extra oomph. Push up bras are perfect for those dresses and tops which need an enhanced cleavage to make you feel truly feminine and a touch of sassy. You should have at least one in your wardrobe.

Strapless Bras: A strapless bra is a MUST if you wear clothing that is off shouldered or has a halter neck. The strapless bra is a far better choice than wearing one with transparent straps! Stay away from this major style faux paus, ladies, no transparent straps please! You should have at least 1 well fitted strapless piece in your wardrobe. Buttercups Magik is designed to give you the best strapless support there is. 

Convertible or Multiway Bras: This type of bra is great for strappy, backless summer clothes and for halter tops and low backed evening wear. Flexible straps allow you to change the style of the bra from cross-back to low back easily ensuring no show coverage and support. Depending on your wardrobe choices, the convertible bra is a “good to have” piece. You never know when you might need one. Buttercups Flexi is THE three way convertible bra you need to try. 

Lace Bras: Lace bras are more “feel good” lingerie than anything else and every woman certainly deserves to feel good as often as possible. These make you feel sensuous and pretty and of course are the perfect choice for romantic evenings. You should have at least two to three of these lacy numbers and at least one in red. Trust us on this one!

Your ideal bra wardrobe should have at least 10-12 bras which serve different functionalities. Ideally, you should invest in shades of beige/skin/nude and blacks as they seamlessly blend under all colors of clothing.

Pro-tip: Always wear beige or skin colored bras under white clothes, NOT whites, since white under white shows easily and is a huge no-no!

Now, take a stock of your bra wardrobe, make a list of your missing essentials and go out and add those to your collection. Hey, wait though. Before going bra shopping, don’t forget to get fitted in the Buttercups fitting room or take our online quiz so that you know your right size.


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