Small is beautiful.

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While it’s mostly issues of the large chested that are addressed, smaller chested women have unique bra struggles of their own.  I’ll run through some of the common laments of small sized women that I have most often heard, and also offer some handy tips and tricks to enhance and shape up your small bust so that you feel more confident every day.

You spot a beautiful bra and ask the sales assistant if it’s available in 34A but you already know the answer. Nada. Finding a style in smaller sizes is one of the most common problems faced by women. Typical brands start their sizes from a B cup, completely ignoring the A sizing chart, most stating, it’s not a “common” size, which is why at Buttercups my sizes begin at 30A, as I keep to my promise of trying my best to cater to “uncommon” sizes as well.

Since sizes are tough to come by, my suggestion would be to try styles that suit smaller cup sizes, like moulded bras in balconette or demi styles, which give a fuller look, due to their vertical stitching style. Push-ups are a good must-have, as they give you an enhanced cleavage, especially for those special dresses that have low necklines. Looking to enhance your curves for a special occasion?

I’ve saved my most precious advice for the last. The secret to a great fit is knowing how to adjust yourself in a bra. I call this scooping. When you put on a bra, scoop your breast from left to right and fit it in the cup. Ensure that your breast tissue is contained within the cup and not spilling out from the sides. You are going to thank me when you experience what a BIG difference this little trick makes to your look!

Being petite doesn’t mean you are at any disadvantage or it’s a shortcoming. And hey, how many of us can have the comfort of going braless, without thinking about it!

Remember, you can be any size and yet be gorgeous. And don’t forget, as they say all good things come in small packages, after all!



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