SIX Bra Facts Every Woman MUST Know!



1. 95% women do not know their correct size

An unbelievable 95% of women don’t know their bra size. There are over 175 bra sizes available, all the way from 22-50 in band size and from AA to Q in cup size. So stop sticking to the 32-36 band size and A-D cup sizes and find your right size! Take our online quiz or if in Bangalore, get fitted at our Fitting Room.

2. A well fitted bra can help you drop a dress size

100% true, ladies. A well fitted bra uplifts your chest giving you length and a sleeker waistline. Having the right support also means you stand taller with your shoulders straightened, giving you an overall slimmer silhouette. So what are you waiting for? Find your right size now.

3. Your weight affects your bra size

If you have recently gained or lost more than 2.5 kilos, then it is highly likely that your bra size has also changed. If you know your weight fluctuates, it is important to measure yourself regularly and keep your bra closet updated as well. Take our quiz to find out if your current bras still fit.

4. Well-made bras last up to 100 washes

Bras are not diamonds. They don’t last forever. In fact, the cheaper quality ones don’t last beyond 15-20 washes! It is advisable to discard your old bras every 3-4 months and invest in new ones. Remember, the right support is super important. Ready to shop for new ones?

5. White under white. The cardinal sin!

Wearing a white bra under white or light clothes is a common mistake most women make but there’s an easy fix. Switch to bra shades of skins, nudes, mochas and plums. Let the focus be on the dress you are wearing rather than what you are wearing under it. Shop our Neutral tones now

6. Your left breast is usually larger than your right

Perfect breasts are rare or fake. Most of us have a breast (usually the left), which is slightly larger than the other. So, when you are fitting yourself for a bra, ensure that you cater to the bigger one of the two. Not done it yet. Shop now for a perfect fit.


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