Show your curves some love on this special  day!


As the saying goes, “Loving yourself is the greatest revolution.” And we couldn’t possibly stress on this enough, especially on this glorious day of love. Show yourselves some love, ladies!

While the world is going on and on about what you need to do for your significant other, we think this day can also be spent pampering yourselves to a perfect fit 🙂 Safe to say, we think we’ve got your perfect match waiting for you 😉 This Valentine’s, do something different – fall in love with yourself. Come discover how easy it is to fall in love with your body, by just wearing the right bra.And hey, it’s Valentine’s’ Day, we’re not leaving you gorgeous ladies hanging. We’re spreading the love – one bra and one blouse at a time 🙂 Get flat Rs. 600/- off Magik, our strapless, backless miracle bra and 20% off on your House of Blouse purchases 🙂 (Check out our website to get the coupon codes to avail your discount) A fitting present, don’t you think? 😉 (pun intended)

Chop chop! Valentine’s Day presents don’t last forever you know. Hurry!


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