Say hello to the saviour of bras!


About time we took an oath to treat our bosom buddies with care. Now, we know the “lazy monster” in us stops us from washing our bras by hand and giving them the delicate care they deserve. What’s the next best option? Wash Me, a wash bag for bras. Yup, it does the job and a good job at that, too!

So, here are the 4 simple steps that promise to care for your bosom buddies:

  1. Hook your bras


This is to ensure that both, the bra hooks as well as the mesh of the Wash Me bag do not get damaged once inside the washing machine.

2. Fold the bras in half, with straps tucked inside


Make sure you do not invert the cups in case of padded bras while folding. The Wash Me can accommodate 1-2 padded bras at a time and 2-3 non padded bras at a time.

3. Place the bras inside Wash Me


Your bras are now ready to be tossed into the machine, without a worry!  

4. Zip up Wash Me and place it inside the washing machine


Our advice would be to toss it in along with other light clothes to avoid any minor mishaps. Also, mild detergent and a low machine cycle is a safe bet for your delicates.

Cheers to Wash Me, the saviour your bras have been looking for, all this while 🙂


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