Pricey? Nope, just good quality.


We’ve all wondered at some point of time as to why bras are so expensive. There’s a simple answer to this, – Quality Always comes at a price, especially if the product takes 14 parts to get right for great quality. Also, a LOT of  time, effort and money goes into making each one.To begin with, there are 14 parts to your bra – yes, it’s true. And, for these 14 parts to come together perfectly, there’s a need for art, science and care. Science, you ask? Yes, there’s extensive research and even a carefully crafted algorithm that make sure our bras fit you like second skin. Perfection isn’t quite easy to come by, ladies – it takes us up to 3 months to launch just a single size.

Let’s talk about the simpler, easy to digest points, shall we? Why don’t you compare a lower cost (quality) bra and more expensive (high quality) bra? From straps digging in, to the underwire being hard and uncomfortable, and the band riding up – these are problems that come with either using low quality materials (wires, elastics, fabrics), or to poor workmanship (If a bra is not stitched right, you are bound to face problems with it. Also, the lifetime of a good quality bra is a 100 wears and that would not be a possibility with bras of low quality that are available for throwaway prices. From the material used to the molds and the underwire used, we make sure it’s nothing but the best. Our aim is to ensure that our bras not only make you look good, but also feel good.

So, next time you want to save up by going for the lower quality bras, make sure you run through the list of things I’ve covered and then make that choice. Remember, it’s always better to have a few great fitting, long lasting bras rather than a large number of cheaper but far from great fitting bras that sure as hell won’t last long.


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