Our bra fitters break their silence!

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We’ve rounded up some brutally honest confessions from each of our Fit Specialists. From crazy, to plain funny to a feeling of euphoria, these confessions cover them all.

  1. While our Fit Specialists do use a measuring tape to measure all our customers, rest assured they can guess your size with just that one look. They are called Fit specialists for a reason you know.
  2. Customers really do get shocked when they hear that their right bra size is larger than what they’re used to. It’s almost like they’re in denial. Ladies, there is no point trying to fit into a smaller size to make yourselves feel good. It’s all about the fit. Get yourself a perfect fitting bra, no matter what the size, and a transformation is guaranteed. You can trust our Fit Specialists on that.
  3. Well, this is an easy one. With many customers getting a bra fitting for the first time, standing in front of a stranger with just a bra on, can definitely be quite daunting. That said, our Fit Specialists are trained to be sensitive and do an amazing job of making you feel comfortable and of course getting you a perfect fitting bra.
  4. This one is a favourite – There are those who bring an outfit that’s almost impossible to find a bra for. While such instances have been few in number, our Fit Specialists have tried their best, nonetheless. These girls do have a lot of patience.
  5. Our Fit Specialists are smart cookies, I tell you. From memorizing a million combinations of band sizes and cup sizes to calculating your bra size in a matter of seconds, these women can give mathematicians a run for their money 😉
  6. You’d be amazed when you hear the Fit Specialists talk about lingerie facts. It really is impressive. They know more facts about bras and bust sizes and shapes, than you’d ever imagine!

Well, those are just a few of the confessions we managed to get out of our lovely ladies. That said, the one thing they all seemed to agree upon – It’s an amazing feeling to watch women walk out with a newfound confidence on finding their perfect fit.



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