Nail the demi goddess look with the demi bra ;)


Bid adios to the terrible tales of fashion faux pas with Thea – your fashion warrior in lace. Got a gorgeous dress with a plunging neckline? A stunner of a blouse that’s designed to show off the cleavage? Add Thea to your bra wardrobe and these outfits and Thea will work their magic on you.A Demi Bra is a low cut bra that only partially covers your chest, with wide set straps to accommodate low and wide necklines, while giving your cleavage a great look. Demi actually means ‘half’ in French so it’s a pretty apt name for the cut and coverage of this bra.

The Demi Bra while perfect for some, is not quite the best option for us all as it offers only partial coverage. So those of us with loose breast tissue on the top or narrow shoulders may have to give this stunner a miss. That said, the demi bra is blessing in disguise for many of our outfits with tricky necklines. Perfect for dressy outfits and bridal wear, Thea, our demi hero is a favourite amongst all.



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