A Dream Workspace for the Dreamer within



In my career of several years as a graphic designer, one thing that often bothered me was the irony that, every time my design brief said, ‘think out of the box,’ I would find myself boxed in a cubicle with nothing to inspire me. I liked what I did, but “ What am I doing here” was a question my heart asked my head a zillion times. “What is it that you are looking for?” mocked, my inner voice.

What was I looking for…?
Uuumh! Let’s see, an elegant space with walls that don’t restrict, a place where you can nestle with a warm cup of tea, a place where I could be busy doodling a new idea, while flock of birds flying by the window caught my attention for a brief moment, before I got lost in work again. That’s the kind of space that happened to me at Buttercups.

This work space is alive. You know this because you can still see a piece of the blue sky when you look out of the window. You can smell the first summer rain… Perhaps maybe even see a rainbow and be inspired! And how about a work place where you feel welcomed each day, where a warm hug, a genuine smile, and a gentle nod ushers you in. An organization that has big vision but where small things matter too, where like-minded people come together to share, learn and create….’Tsk tsk,’ said the voice inside my head. It is really too much to ask to have a dog to cuddle with at work, to hug and roll on the floor with when your creative juices are running dangerously low and a recharge becomes an excruciating need?

The head said a big, “NO… You dream too much!“ Well, what did it know! As they say, ‘Never say never.’

One Wednesday in April 2015, I ran up the last flight of stairs and opened the doors to a tastefully done, unique space with ample natural light and a soft, fragrant breeze blowing through the large open doors. I was nearly mauled, jumped at and licked by Maggie, a beautiful Irish setter (surreal right). As I straighten up from this welcome ritual I’m blown away by the dazzling smile of our CEO Arpita as she rushes out for her next meeting, catching a moment to exchange thoughts on the important tasks to be done for the day. I was just in time to get a few minutes with Rwituja for a quick briefing. As we spoke, the warmth of her persona engulfed me like a warm hug. I’m introduced to my teammates, a bunch of amazing, talented women, who at the moment are busy in discussion. As their animated conversation picks up momentum… I jump right in, feeling at home and very welcome.

“And yes,” said my heart, a place close enough exists…

A few days ago, engrossed in designing a new post with a warm cup of tea and with Maggie by my side, I looked up, and out of the window, looming straight ahead, like a gateway between two worlds, I saw a rainbow, inspiration in its full glory. I smiled to myself.

“Wow, Buttercups is the dream you wished for and it exists!” said my head finally, in agreement with my heart.

I love what I do. I love where I am.



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