Meet The Hue’s Who!



As I have gushed earlier, our drop dead gorgeous new lingerie collection is now out. Lush, dark colors are adorned with bold lace in an ode to old days, where icons like Greta Garbo and Katherine Hepburn spun a dreamy charm upon our collective conscience.

The colors chosen for this collection are Indigo, Sepia and Vine. Why these particular colours, you ask? Let me tell you, I have always kept the Indian woman’s unique skin tone top of mind at Buttercups. When I set about designing the new range, I wanted to have colors that would be both bold and yet compliment the Indian woman’s ethos. Enter Vine, Indigo & Sepia.

Vine – A glass of Merlot, a dash of plum lipstick, her wedding lehenga, ruby red nails, the sparkle of velvety red earrings. Deep dark red is an integral part of our lives. What’s better than lingerie that reflects our love for the quintessential reds than this rich and mysterious Vine? Not much, honestly.

Indigo – A dark night sky, rich dark hydrangeas, the happy blue of the blue bird. All inspire the romance of a colour rarely used for lingerie. This bold, deep shade as a beautiful alternative to the much worn coal or black which gives you a feel of sophisticated confidence, inside and out.

Sepia – A forgotten era, a hint of the past, a subtle reminder of long lost memories. The sepia inspiration comes from some old pictures of my grandmother, where bold lace in elegant colours was a trend. It helps that sepia is a lovely “invisible” shade, that can be worn under both dark and light shades, including whites. A truly elegant shade that gives you a chic and royal feel.

All the colours of this Vintage collection are meant to make you feel bold, sophisticated and beautiful. Shop now to feel gorgeous this festive season!


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