Introducing to you, our Revolution Sale!


It’s been a week since we stepped into 2017 and so we ask – have we all been faithful to our resolutions? Worry not Senoras – our 2017 gift to you is to help keep your resolutions without having to work too hard for it 😉

Here are the top 3 2017 resolutions (they’ve been a part of our list for many many years, we’re sure)

  1. Drop a dress size – Your carefully charted plan to lose weight doesn’t seem to be working out? What if we told you that a perfect fitting bra actually does help in dropping a dress size? A perfect bra helps in giving you a more shapely silhouette and also helps make your clothes fit you better. Ain’t nothin to laugh about, ladies – it’s been tried and tested. You have our word!
  2. Spend less, save more – Lord, give us the strength to tighten our purse strings – GRANTED! That was easy, wasn’t it? How? Our Revolution Sale sure is helping our customers break open their piggy banks a lot earlier – we’ve got our best sellers at half the price and other fantastic offers too 🙂
  3. Gain self confidence – 2017 is the year to boost that confidence level darlings. Shoulders back, head held high – stand tall, stand proud! From bettering your posture to giving you an uplifted look and feel, our bras help you do just that with their endless comfort and support. Not quite convinced? This post sure will help.  

There you go! There are more ways than one to stick to your New Year resolution. Glad to be of assistance 😉


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