How to kill your favourite bra!


Your bosom buddy deserves better, don’t you think? Here are some quick tips that’ll save your bra from an early death.

  1. Getting handsy with your bra will certainly enhance its life 😉

Gentle hand wash as opposed to the rigorous wash cycle of your machine is the most important rule when it comes to your bras. Also, the heat from your dryer (in case you have one) will harm your bra in more ways than 1 – affects the elasticity and shape of your bra in addition to causing damage to the underwire in your bra.

Psst, too lazy to hand wash them? We have a lingerie wash bag that helps solve your problem and also saves your bras from the impact of the harsh machine cycle.

2. Delicate care for the delicate darlings. (Hand wash over regular detergent any day)

The harshness of regular detergent is not required for our intimates and to add to it, they’ll also smell great 🙂 All you have to is add some liquid soap to a bucket of water, add your bras in and rinse them gently. Voila, you’re done! Yes, it’s as simple and DOES NOT take too long.

3. You don’t need to strangle your bra for it to dry!

Wringing your bra = killing your bra. You will ruin the shape of the cups and possibly damage the underwire as well. Simple solution – drape the cups over your fist and gently squeeze. Once done, lay out the bras flat on a towel or across the clothes rack. Make sure you do not hang them by the straps as that can make it lose its elasticity.

Yup, all your bra needs is some tender lovin’ and in return, you get to enjoy each other’s company for a longer time 🙂



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