How a perfect fit can change your life!

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From backaches and neck pain, to your breasts looking half as attractive as they should, an ill-fitting bra can be your worst nightmare. There’s a reason why good fitting lingerie should be seen as an investment rather than just another addition to your overflowing wardrobe. To begin with, did you know that a perfect fitting bra can make you drop a dress size! That reason by itself, should have you paying a lot of attention to the way your bra fits 😉 That’s not all, let me list out some of the lesser known facts about bras and the impact they have on our bodies:

 90 percent of a bra’s support comes from a firm band

 A 10 percent loss or gain or in weight usually equals a change in one cup size

 Wearing the wrong bra size can alter the shape of your breasts

Sagging of breasts occurs not only due to old age or breast feeding but also due to an ill-fitting bra.

A bra that’s too tight can cause breathing problems as they may add extra stress on the bones of your back, neck and spine.

Make sure you get a perfect fitting bra right away! For all of you in Bangalore, a visit to our Fitting Room is a must and in case you reside elsewhere, no worries – we’ve got a unique quiz that is just as effective as a fitting. Let’s not wait to find our perfect one.



4 thoughts on “How a perfect fit can change your life!

  1. I mostly use bwitch underwired lightly padded bra. It is the most comfortable bra which I have come across for my body shape. But in Summer, I get itches at place where band is fastened. What might be the possible problem? Does your company have some better products? Regards. Syama Ila.

    1. Hi Syama,

      This usually occurs if the bra does not fit well. A band that is too tight or too loose can cause discomfort. Also, the quality of underwire plays a big part in the comfort or lack of it, in a bra. We use the highest quality of underwire which moulds itself to your shape and will therefore not cause any discomfort. You can choose from our collection of lightly padded/soft cup bras on Do let us know if you have any further questions and we’d be happy to help 🙂

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