Make her first bra experience a perfect one!

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Remember that awkward time, when you got first bra? Maybe your Mum or an elder in the family talked to you about it,  or just sneaked one into your cupboard, or you were taken to the hosiery store where the guy looked you up and decided to give you a bra which was wrapped in a brown cover. Well, at least my first bra experience was harrowing to say the least.  And, since I did not want to pass this on to my daughter, I give you the Little Women range of teen bras from Buttercups. We are also have a special page to help you and your Little woman understand about her growth and what she may need during that time. Something that will make it easy for both you and her to talk and understand the first bra experience. So, go ahead, take a look at the page and pick out her first bra from our pretty range and let me know if there are any questions that you have and I’ll be happy to answer and add them to our page. Happy shopping.


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